Why Research?

Quality research is a crucial component of modern campaigns from the City Council to The White House.

Paid media, earned media, press releases, policy announcements, stump speeches, background conversations with reporters, debates almost every essential component of a campaign is driven by data and information gathered in the research process. At Grindstone, we know that good research does not end with news clips, courthouse runs, and property records. For research to be useful down the campaign trail, it must also dig deep into sponsored legislation, policy platforms, campaign finance angles, and social media, to connect dots and build fact-based narratives that Democratic candidates can use effectively for contrast on the campaign trail.

Grindstone Advantage

At Grindstone, we do not simply complete the research books and consider our job done. We pride ourselves on working closely with staff and consultants throughout every project for every client. Our relationship with the team is critical to accurate, factual, and effective campaign communications. Our experience is that when research is integrated early on strategy meetings and calls, future (and costly) headaches can be avoided.

Opposition Research

Grindstone provides clients with a comprehensive record of your opponent’s potential vulnerabilities.

Our Opposition Research Reports and Memos highlight any and all potential vulnerabilities of your competition by combing through a wide range of available relevant public data. If it is in the public domain and relevant, we find it, analyze it, and report it to the client with potential angles for use on the trail.

Whether you need a comprehensive research book on a 10-year incumbent or a research memo on a first-time candidate, contact us to help you develop a research strategy that best fits your campaign’s needs – and budget.

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