Our Team

Greg Talmage, Principal

Greg brings nearly ten years of campaign research experience to the table. Having served as a Research Director for multiple statewide US Senate campaigns, Greg knows firsthand what separates a good research firm from a great research firm. From that experience, Grindstone was founded as a firm that would seek to go above and beyond the typical consultant-client relationship. Greg prides himself on a close relationship with each client. He only takes on work he knows he can fully service and will be right there with you through the end. When you call Grindstone about a question within the research, it will always be one of the firm’s partners on the other end of the line.

Matt Bricken, Partner

With a background in polling, Matt has gone full time “Oppo” since co-founding Grindstone in 2009. Prior to Grindstone, Matt worked in the international polling arena conducting focus groups for political parties in the United Kingdom and for corporate clients across the Middle East in Egypt and Jordan. Previously he worked as Research Manager at Dods Parliamentary Communications using research to drive lobbying strategies for interest groups and issue campaigns. It is Matt’s communications and polling background that produces research books campaigns love to read and ensures all opinion research is routed in fact before going in the field.

Carol Andrews, Partner

Carol handles all editing and messaging of the firm’s produced research. She also provides strategic communications services for our clients. Prior to joining Grindstone, Carol advised candidates and elected officials, as well as corporate clients and non-profit executives. For more than two decades, campaigns and corporations have sought her counsel during public crises. She has served as Communications Director for several campaigns on the presidential, US Senate, congressional, and gubernatorial level, and she has served in the administrations of two Governors. Known for wise strategic lead and calm steerage during a storm, Carol takes ownership in her clients.